'On the drawing board',
a look at my current work.

Last updated on 19 Feb 2011



During the recent Rhayader Art Group Exhibition at the Elan Valley Centre  I took the opportunity to do some coloured pencil work during the periods I was stewarding. [I would estimate about 20 hours to date]. Thank you to all those visitors who stopped for a chat and also provided kind words and encouragement.

The picture was composed from a photo I took in the garden earlier this year. It's called 'Bumblebee and Rhododendron' for obvious reasons I hope. I have posted the reference image, rough layout pencil sketch and the current work in progress. The picture is quite well advanced and is on Rising Stonehenge paper using  Faber Castell Polychromos pencils only.

The final image size is 11.5" x 8". I made some changes to the final layout to zoom in a little closer and enlarge the bee. I also raised the bee to clear it from the stamens etc of the flower and to get it into the sweet spot.

I have left the main subject until the background is completed. This has a number of  layers applied but is probably only halfway there, as I intend to get it quite a bit darker. Similarly the flowers and leaves need more work to increase the tones.

 I will post further progress pictures later, but am on holiday until the end of September.

Bumblebee and Rhododendron


Here is the latest update, still some way to go to adjust the values and tones overall.


Sorry it has been so long but here at last is an update. The values of the whole picture have been strengthened. I am not satisfied with the background and will work on this to push it further back if possible. Thanks for looking.


Here is the final update I think it is complete, ready for framing. Have managed a better photograph and the colours are nearer the original in this version. Have decided on a name for this piece... 'Making a Bee-line'